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About Us | Rawand

AL Raward was established in 2000 , throughout years we

AL Rawand was established in 2000. throughout years we had earned our reputation as a major PVC manufacture in jordanian market and in the Gulf region, by defining the market needs and holding a commitment of providing wide range of products and professional sales services. Alrawand has been one of the leaders in PVC conduit field. for a decade,we had bulid a unique combination of specialized technical expertise. awareness of market, prompt response and efficinent services.

this has allowed us to meet our client requirements and provide them with professional sale & technicak support services. we are committed to provide our clients with high quality products, which fit the international standards as BS 4607, JQMTR-31,IEC60423 moreover, our products comply whith other internatioal standards like ASTM and DIN and Supported with laboratories test at the royal scientific society.

DNV Certificate Quality Certificate

Our company got the Quality market
certificate on 25/02/2014 And we still
work on it until now ...

Mission & Vision | Rawand

Complete Commercial & Residential Solar Systems

We are persistent to focus our efforts to represent Al Rawand for Plastic Industries as Professional PVC Manufacturer. Our vision is concerned with market & Client requirements and bound to the highest standards to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

Through years, we had build up our company on important principles like customer care, dedication in our work and reliability. These principles provide a solid foundation which permit us to develop our Production lines. We develop our production lines by increasing our Production Capacity or adding new product lines insuring that the highest quality is provided to our customers. Here in Al Rawand factory, we recruit our team effort to meet all the market needs by following up the latest Standards, developing our Management Division & Production lines.

Our Products

Have a look at our products

  • All
  • Pvc Cable Trunk
  • UPVC Pipes
  • PVC Mounting Box
  • ABS Isolated Mounting Box
  • Recessed , magic junction Box Decor boxes
  • PVC Bend
  • PVC Saddle
  • PVC Coupler , Adapters , Spacers
  • Ventilating Fans
  • Boxes Covers
  • Circular Junction Box
Pvc Cable Trunk

Manufactured from un-plasticized

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UPVC Pipes

Al rawand electrical pipes is manufactured from un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, based on JQM TR 3

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PVC Mounting Box

Good Cohesion with entrances of the adapter & Easy to install & Strong edges

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ABS Isolated Mounting Box

Strong, Solid and Resistant to Rain & Easy To Install & Strong Edges & Work at Even Temperature 106

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Recessed , magic junction Box Decor boxes

There are side and top bases for the Magic Boxes to be installed as desire & Easy to install & Made

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PVC Bend

Heavy gauge & Designed with 90 angle &Bends allow the installer quickly place pipes around corners w

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PVC Saddle

Screws are anti corrosive for bare suddle & Strong base & Very compatible with pipe diameters.

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PVC Coupler , Adapters , Spacers

Designed with accurate finishing to fit the conduit end. Pvc coupler provides high connecting streng

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Ventilating Fans

220-240 V 50/60 Hz Glass thickness 3-6 mm Fan motor power 15 W IP 02 (Outside) CLASSIC PVC Cabl

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Easy installation & Stainless steel nails

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Boxes Covers

Recessed Junction Box Cover & Breakers Covers & Mk Covers

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Circular Junction Box

Suitable for flush & surface mounted. Good bonding strength with glue Ease of disassembly and instal

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