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  • Pvc Cable Trunk
  • UPVC Pipes
  • PVC Mounting Box
  • ABS Isolated Mounting Box
  • Recessed , magic junction Box Decor boxes
  • PVC Bend
  • PVC Saddle
  • PVC Coupler , Adapters , Spacers
  • Ventilating Fans
  • Boxes Covers
  • Circular Junction Box
Pvc Cable Trunk

Manufactured from un-plasticized

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UPVC Pipes

Al rawand electrical pipes is manufactured from un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, based on JQM TR 3

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PVC Mounting Box

Good Cohesion with entrances of the adapter & Easy to install & Strong edges

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ABS Isolated Mounting Box

Strong, Solid and Resistant to Rain & Easy To Install & Strong Edges & Work at Even Temperature 106�

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Recessed , magic junction Box Decor boxes

There are side and top bases for the Magic Boxes to be installed as desire & Easy to install & Made

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PVC Bend

Heavy gauge & Designed with 90 angle &Bends allow the installer quickly place pipes around corners w

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PVC Saddle

Screws are anti corrosive for bare suddle & Strong base & Very compatible with pipe diameters.

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PVC Coupler , Adapters , Spacers

Designed with accurate finishing to fit the conduit end. Pvc coupler provides high connecting streng

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Ventilating Fans

220-240 V 50/60 Hz Glass thickness 3-6 mm Fan motor power 15 W IP 02 (Outside) CLASSIC PVC Cabl

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Easy installation & Stainless steel nails

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Boxes Covers

Recessed Junction Box Cover & Breakers Covers & Mk Covers

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Circular Junction Box

Suitable for flush & surface mounted. Good bonding strength with glue Ease of disassembly and instal

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